"Actions speak louder than words"

 You've heard the phrase "actions speak louder than words". The fact that we are sending our 3rd dog to the dog professor should tell you what an amazing job Paul does. We could not be more pleased with the results. He is deeply knowledgeable and very passionate about dogs. I wouldn't have a dog that hadn't been put through his obedience training. It's a night and day difference pre and post training. He's also true to the life time guarantee as we have called on Paul numerous times when new issues surfaced like our Boykin marking his territory when we brought in our new golden retriever pup. He counseled us on how to correct the issue. It was also beneficial to have his advice on the timing and breeder selection for our new puppy. He knew the personalities and temperament of our other dogs. Stella has made a wonderful addition to our family and just began her obedience training with Paul at 8 months. We can't wait to have her back home. Toward the end of her training, her housemate Brody will join her so Paul can work with both at the same time before returning back home. Paul's training is worth every dollar! Trained dogs make happy dogs and even happier homes and families!! 


"I am very satisfied with the job that was done"


My young male GSP completed the board & train program with Paul. Initially, I was very hesitant to send my pup off for 4+ weeks with a stranger, but it quickly turned into a necessity when Caden’s separation anxiety escalated and his strength and size made him very difficult to control. My work schedule meant that I didn’t have time to correct the issues myself and I decided to hire a professional before things got more out of hand. Paul was very patient in explaining his methods and I ultimately decided on his program after interviewing numerous other trainers in the area. He picked Caden up from my house and spent a while there discussing what issues were present and what I would like accomplished with the dog.

Caden was at the board & train for 6 weeks, which is 2 weeks longer than originally planned because Paul is dedicated to returning the dog when training is actually finished (and not just heeding a specific termination date). He routinely sent photos and updates while Caden was under his care and contacted me with any notable occurrences, which helped put me at ease.

Upon returning home in January, Caden has since been a completely different dog. He is much calmer and secure and heeds his commands well. He walks wonderfully on a leash and I don’t have to dread him lunging playfully at every single dog he sees while we are out walking. We practice daily to retain and build upon new skills, but the solid foundation that was built has made all the difference. Even now, Paul is easily accessible for any questions or advice, which I have certainly utilized often (sorry Paul lol).

Overall, I would certainly recommend the board & train to anyone. As someone who was previously very conflicted and nervous about sending my dog off for training, I would do it again in a heartbeat if the dog was under Paul’s care. Caden is now a dream & I am very satisfied with the job that was done.


"Paul has been nothing short of amazing!"

 After almost 4 months of trying to deal with our Golden Retriever puppy not listening to us, jumping up onto the couches, surfing the counters, wandering upstairs and chewing on everything, we finally decided it was time to find a professional to work with him. We received Paul's number from our vet, and boy are we glad we did! Paul has been nothing short of amazing! He came to our house every morning for 4 weeks straight to train our puppy and work with him one-on-one. Toward the end of training, Paul even took him to the park and hardware store many days to allow for distractions. He showed my husband and I exactly the kind of training he was doing with our dog and let us know exactly what we needed to do in order to keep our dog in tip-top shape for the rest of our lives. It was incredible to see the transformation of our puppy over those 4 weeks. He now knows the commands- heel, sit, down, sitting at entryways, place, off and free. Also, his behavior has improved significantly. We couldn't be happier with our decision to use Paul. His professionalism, dedication, positive attitude and excellence in dog training certainly make him what he is- "The Dog Professor!" And the best part is there is a lifetime guarantee- if our puppy regresses in any way, we just call Paul up and he will be back to train him! If you are looking for that right person to change both your's and your dog's life for the best, please do yourself a favor and call Paul! This is one decision you will not regret! Thank you, Paul, for everything you have done to make our lives so much easier and happier with our pup! 

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