Frequently Asked Questions


Will my dog forget me while they’re away for training?

The short answer is no. Dogs are great & we can train them to do a multitude of tasks. However, at the end of the day, the size of your dog’s brain is roughly the size of a lemon. Dogs do not have the brain matter that human beings possess. You cannot “reason” with a dog. You cannot have a conversation with a dog. Dogs do not think or ponder thought. They just respond, often to trained commands, shaped or learned behaviors, or in certain situations they will respond “instinctually”. So in short, your dog does not have the intellect or the ability to sit around all day thinking “Man I really wish I was back at home living the high-life doing whatever I wanted before I wound up here for training”. Lastly, a dog’s primary sense is not sight or hearing much like a human being. For a dog, their primary sense is smell. In other words, they use their nose more so than their eyes & ears. A dog will never forget an owners scent, the familiar smell of the neighborhood or home. Often, when we return dogs from training, as we get within 1 mile of the home, the dogs often become excited as they’re familiar with this area. So, to wrap this up, no your dog will not forget you. To the contrary, they’re quite excited when they return home from training.  

What happens if my dog has a medical issue or emergency while they’re in for training?

First & foremost, you as our client & owner of the dog will be notified immediately. Health & Safety is of our utmost concern. We treat each & every dog as if it were our own. Our facility is cleaned & disinfected daily. Our trainer has worked as a Vet Technician at one of Charlotte’s most demanding Animal Hospitals. In short, we have seen it all. We are trained professionally in identifying medical issues before they arise to an unsafe level. And as always, should your dog need immediate treatment, the dog will be treated without hesitation at either Miller Animal Hospital or one of Charlotte’s local 24 hour clinics (C.A.R.E. or Carolina Veterinary Specialists). 

Additional Questions?